Concerns, Queries, and Deletions

While this was detailed in the Preface, in good faith we shall do it again.

If you have any concerns or queries, please try the following:

  • You may contact Danstr#1984 or MASONIC#3992 in the Public SCP:SL Official Discord (
    • You may do so in any channel, though we do ask to contain this in the #bot-support channel when possible.
  • you may use the `!contact` command in a private Message with SCP-079.
    • Responses may be slower as we enforce restrictions on who can see the output of this command.

    If you wish to know all of the data we have about you, please Contact us directly - This process may take up to 14 days.

    If you wish to delete your data, please consult the `mydata` command on SCP-079. However, a few notable things:

    • In order to protect server moderation, and servers at large, the Moderation data of a user cannot be deleted by that user.
      • If Discord themselves request this data destroyed, It will be destroyed entirely.
    • The global bot blocklist, used to deny known bad actors, will ignore mydata entirely - again, unless DIscord intervenes.
      • after deleting your data, you may request to us to add you to the blocklist for the bot to effectively ignore you forever. This does not make you immune to moderation actions, but will prevent most data about you being stored.
    • The `mydata` command is not fully complete yet - while Most data should be removed with it, you are completely free to contact us to check.
    • If you are having difficulties with deleting your data, you may contact the team using the above methods and we will do so for you.