How 079 Stores and Uses your data, and Why we must store it.

We collect different forms of information, split nicely into the following segments:


We Collect the following sensitive information about a user (we define sensitive as anything user-defining):
N.b Due to the Design of SCP-079, features can be turned on or off on a per-server basis. Below is a comprehensive list of ALL functions, which ones you will actually see may vary.

  • Their User ID (Used as a primary identifier for most commands that save data, as well as the global blocklist to deny access to the bot for known bad-actors.)
  • Their Previous Usernames & Nicknames (for the purposes of moderation.)
  • Their previous message(Used to prevent spam, as well as filter out possibly hostile content, such as scams, NSFW content, and filtered phrases.)
  • ModLog Cases (A list of warnings and punishments enacted on a user by a servers moderation team.)
  • Custom command permissions(e.g. if a server's owner decided to allow a particular person to be able to use the `say` command in a channel where no-one else can.)

99% of the time, this is stored Per-server, meaning there is no way for a person on one server to access the data of another, unless they have the appropriate permissions in Both servers.

Other unimportant information includes, but is not limited to:

  • Various Minigame data, such as
    • Your Bank Balance (not a real bank,)
    • Casino stats(Wins/Losses etc..)
    • Adventure Stats(Including your backpack!)
  • Leveler* data(Profile Designs, motto's, as well as XP)
  • Reminders that you have set yourself

For a full list you may contact us throught methods set out in the Preface, however the above does make up approxiamtely 95% of saved data. The rest is typically data saved briefly for the creation of comic strips, or other short commands with no important purpose.


When it comes to servers, we only actively store one thing by default - The Server's ID. This is solely used as an identifier for other data to be stored correctly. The only other information about the server SCP-079 will store is information you give it - such as:

  • Any Custom Commands, or "CC's".
  • Any Aliases to Commands.
  • Custom Permissions.
  • The Per-Cog (A "Cog" is a set of commands within one package - `warnings` is a cog, so is `Alias` and `CustomCommands`) settings defined for a server - if, for example, you Changed `Defender` to automatically warn people for racial abuse, that would be saved as information about your server.
    • The Default settings of a Cog are stored within the cog itself, and as they do not come from your server, they do not count under these rules.
    • For More information on what a particular cog stores, please contact us using the methods defined in the Preface - It would be horrible to force you to scroll through them all here.
  • The Entire Modlog - While a user will have modlog cases tied to them, They're stored as server information.

This is not an exhaustive list, but should cover daily usecases. Once again, any specific queries can be provided to us using the methods detailed in the Preface.

Note - Information about channel data would be stored under the corresponding Servers data. It is not stored seperately.

Simply Put, we need this information in order for SCP-079 to do its tasks - for example, if you need it to filter messages, it needs to be able to store a server ID and a list of the filtered phrases that correspond to that server. If you need SCP-079 to keep note that a particular user is on a warning for posting NSFW content, it Needs to store that warning, The user's ID. and the Server's ID.

If you do not wish to use a specific command/command group, and you wish for it to not store data, the `command` Cog (`[p]help Command`-Case sensitive, replace the `[p]` with your prefix) can be used to disable cogs within your server by an Administrator or the Owner.